We offer employment outsourcing to local and international companies that may be faced with the complexities of housing internal employees. Our solution allows for organisations to quickly establish local teams in South Africa, through either a temporal employment solution or even a permanent solution.

Executive Summary

For international organisation, this allows for establishment with minimal investment ( no requirement to incorporate a local entity), although your employees may be employed through us permanently. For local organisation, we offer attractive contracts that will allow your companies to have resource of their choice timely without having to worry about HR administrative functions as we absorb all those on behalf of our clients.

We therefore act as an Employer of Record in that we enable organisations to outsource the hire, the employment and the payroll functions to us enabling them to focus on core businesses.

Having highlighted the above, our HR services are not rigid but allow our clients to pick and chose from a range of services or packages that we offer. This customised approach allows for clients to prioritise service that are more important to them at a particular season and change when the priorities change.

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With Employment outsourcing, D and R Establishment Solution will offer :
1.a local employment contract to your employees in the country of assignment.
2.Your staff will be hired by us but subcontracted to your project.
3.The local employment contract will be drafted in compliance South African labour laws
4.The contract will also be drafted in accordance with your specific requirements and internal policies.
5.The employment contract will be governed by the South African legislation, but not limited to, all the applicable rules and procedures in terms of minimum salary, probation period, notice period, leave pay, termination , severance pay and other outsourced functions as applicable.
With Employment outsourcing, D and R Establishment Solution will offer :
6.The employment outsourcing solution includes all the features of the outsourced functions - these will be detailed in the next sections of this document.

Our Services

We remove/reduce HR burden becoming true assistants on Human Resource related functions so that organisations can focus on growing their businesses.

What is the value:

HR Administration Services

At D and R Establishment our HR solution offer a product that is custom made for each organisation based on vision, size and requirements. Organisation can choose from a list of functions we house and these include amongst others:

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