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As a company that has a department that specializes in Human Resource services which includes, amongst other areas, the area of recruitment, selection and placement, we thought it useful to write an article about recruitment of scarce skills for all the current job seekers during this time where unemployment has become an evident problem. What is recruitment, selection and placement? This is the process of identifying the need for a job, defining the requirements of the position and the job holder, advertising the position and choosing the most appropriate person for the job.  The suitable candidate for the job can be achieved through the job portals such as Career junction,  Indeed,   Pnet, etc  You can also refer to, for a further detailed description of recruitment, selection and placements. Most companies have this service in-house and the internal HR department delivers on it. There comes a time where the company requires a scarce skill which we will talk about in detail shortly, the HR manager or Talent Acquisition Manager will reach out to the respective Recruitment, Head Hunting agencies like our company, D and R establishment for assistance in getting the right candidate for the role.

Now you might be wondering what are scarce skills?  Scarce skills are skills that are in demand by employers – usually because there aren’t enough qualified professionals in that specific field. These skills make it easier for employees in a specific profession to find work. Definition extracted from, There are scarce skills which are categorized as per country; some are categorized as per region (e.g. Africa is a region) or categorized as per worldwide scarce skills. Examples of Worldwide scarce skills include Software engineers and developers, Medical doctors and practitioners, Mechanical engineers, Civil engineers, nurses etc. For more worldwide scarce skills, you can follow this link, The World’s Most In Demand Professions | Michael Page (  The focus of this article though is the scarce skills within the South African market.

Minister of Home Affairs, Dr Aaron Motsoaledi, recently published the 2021 Critical Skills List. More than 100 skilled occupations needing skilled professionals are named. Acute shortages have been identified. To see the list, visit  Despite the high unemployment rate, there are still employers searching for workers in some fields in which there are not enough applicants. To enhance your chances and number of opportunities, it would be worth considering gearing your career choice to one of these. By doing so, you can take advantage of shortages in available candidates and a relative lack in competition.  This is the perfect time for one to re- skill themselves so that they are able to fit in into the categories that are within the scarce or critical skills.

According to the latest survey, conducted by Xpatweb the top 10 skills businesses are struggling to recruit include:

  • Engineers (18%);
  • ICT (13%);
  • Foreign language speakers (10%);
  • Media and Marketing Specialists (9%);
  • Artisans (8%);
  • C-Suite Executives (7%);
  • Senior Financial Executives (6%);
  • Health Professions
  • Related Clinical Sciences (5%);
  • Science Professionals (4%)
  • Accounting (1%).

You can find more information on the detailed explanation of the above listed scarce skills at, So, as a job seeker, you need to evaluate yourself and see where you fit in form the above list of top 10 scarce skills. If you do not have any of those skills and experience, it is also good for you to have a look at the scarce skills in South Africa and out of South Africa. Then from there, you can start to plan on how you will enquire the scarce skills so that you can be employable across the whole world. For more articles of this nature and more, please visit our website,

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