How to rank number one on Google with WordPress SEO

wordpress seo how to rank your website number 1 om google in 202

Many entrepreneurs have been told, “If you want business, get a website”. Unfortunately, it ends there. The reality is, having a website for your business is just the beginning journey to getting the actual business. To add on, if the website has not been configured any premium SEO, it’s as good as nothing!  This is a reality that small to medium businesses hear very seldom. I have also been there, where I was told that if you get a website for my business, you will get business and guess what, I never got any business as a result of my website. This is what motivated me to invest time and money in pursuit of finding out what else do I need to do in order for my website to assist me get business? This curiosity led me in opening my own Digital Marketing Agency. I invested time and money together with my team in finding out what else is required for me to get business for my business from having a website. That is where I discovered the SEO.

At many times I had heard people speak about back links, SEO, Google rankings and so on. This was foreign to me. Through research and enrolling in some courses developed by experienced Digital Marketing Specialists, I gathered a lot of knowledge on SEO and effective Digital Marketing for my business and for my clients. So you might be wondering, what is this SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This is a tool(s) that can be plugged into your website so that your business name can be highly ranked on search engines such as Google. Every business would like to rank high on Google and therefore be on the first page of Google without spending thousands on Google ads. That is the power of SEO to your website, it assists you to reduce your Google spend and still get to be on the front page in Google when customers search for services that you offer.

At D and R Establishment, we develop websites for our clients. Because we have seen the power of SEO, we use WordPress in our development because it is one of the design applications that allow you to add Plug-in in your development. It is one of the applications that allow us to add the premium SEO tool to our client’s websites. If you are a small business and you have got yourself a website, but you are not sure whether it has an SEO tool or not, reach out to us and we can test your website for free and then give you recommendations for your consideration. There is no obligation for you to use our Agency for anything. WordPress SEO can help your WordPress website rank higher on google, it is with guaranteed that your site will rank number one on google if WordPress SEO is correctly done.

In the video below Akhona ( a digital marketing expert) explains the important of WordPress SEO


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